Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Book Review: 'The Right Kind of Reckless' by Heather Van Fleet

This is a second book in Reckless Hearts series. The series features three war veterans and best friends. The Right Kind of Reckless is a Max and Lia’s story. Max is Lia’s brother’s best friend and comrade. They been together in a battlefields and the friendship between them is strong. Max knows that Lia is forbidden territory but when he is around her he thinks with his heart. Lia is also in love with Max. She fell for him the moment she met him.
For me The Right Kind of Reckless was very different from the most of the romance novels I read; because Max and Lia confessed their feelings pretty early in the story. Until that moment the story was intense and emotions were high, but after the mutual revelation there is no more that sweet anticipation of what will happen next. From that moment on, the story focused more on Max and Lia’s happy end and HEA. This was definitely not something that diminished my enjoyment of reading this story; it just slowed the pace and toned down intensity.
Max and Lia are very lovable and complex characters. Each character have somewhat troubled past. I hoped that the author will deal a bit more with their pasts and traumas and issues but, she did not. Due to that characters remained a bit unfinished and they did not changed a lot.
All in all The Right Kind of Reckless is story worth reading. It is funny, it is sexy, it is told from POV of both Max and Lia. Although is second installment in the series it can be read as a standalone.

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