Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review: 'PS From Paris' by Marc Levy

Boy meets girl, boy gets girl…life happens.
I’m all for a sappy story. I’m all for a book that pulls me out of my life and gets me into someone else’s for a few hours. Marc Levy’s PS From Paris, was certainly a ride.
Mia is a famous actress with problems in her marriage. She’s in Paris and trying to forget her husband’s cheated on her. She meets Paul. He’s got a snoot-load of problems, too. He’s a struggling writer. They’re not really good for each other, but they are.
I’m not going to lie. I went into this book with high hopes. She’s an actress and he’s essentially no one. Could they make it? How will they? It’s intriguing. I had to keep reading to know what would happen.
But there were multiple bumps along the road. I put this book down many times. I kept wanting to shout at Mia. I get she’s lonely and her marriage is a mess, but why would her cheating be okay/therapeutic, but his isn’t? And some of the ways she got around being noticed, even though she’s famous…I really had to suspend my disbelief and it didn’t work a few times. I struggled with what felt like cliched situations, too. I won’t get into details, but I would’ve liked more characterization, too.
That said, this book was still enjoyable. Mia deserved a happy ending and Paul deserved one, too. I didn’t see the ending coming, that’s for sure. Check this book out. It might be the beach read you’ll love.

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