Friday, March 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Pirateless In The Caribbean' by Jill Jaynes


Stephanie works twice as hard as anyone else in her office as a contracts lawyer. Five years of long days and no breaks has her pretty tightly wound, though, and when she snaps at a client she’s ordered by her boss to take a holiday. This is how she ended up on a small Caribbean island with no desire to be there. With a list from her boss of relaxing holiday items to do and a promise that the owner of the resort was a personal friend of her boss, Stephanie has no option but to take the stupid holiday and do what she’s told.
I really enjoyed the writing style and pacing of this story. While Stephanie could have come across as sour person or a workaholic pain, the author managed to inject enough humour and characterization into Stephanie that I connected with her almost immediately. She seemed to me not just to be stressed from her high-pressure job, but also in such a rut and so used to working madly that she no longer knew how to switch off and unwind. The list of tasks – and analogue camera requiring proof! – made me laugh and in a very short number of pages I was on board with the whole scheme and plot for the story.
I rather liked Rick’s character too. He was a lovely not-pirate and I was seriously impressed with how much of a gentleman he was especially when it came to Stephanie. While the conflict was rather clich├ęd, I found the rest of the story surrounding it was fairly novel and fresh to me. This helped me get past the slight frustration of the thankfully quick scene when Rick and Stephanie confronted each other, and allowed me to simply enjoy their holiday fling together. I thought the sex was steamy hot but not outrageous, descriptive but not smutty. Romance readers won’t be disappointed with the ending either, I found it a deliciously Happy Ever After and felt it really finished on a high note.
A fun, warm, lighthearted romance I found this to be a wonderful book. I loved watching Stephanie unwind and her and Rick find their happy ending together. A sexy, summery beach romance that is sure to appeal to many readers.

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