Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Piece Of Cake' by Mary Calmes


Jory and Sam are finally getting married. There are more than a few bumps in the road – including an attempted assassination and the extravagant wedding of Jory’s ex-husband – but nothing will get in Jory and Sam’s way as they finally, officially tie the knot together in Chicago.
This is a really fun, well paced story. I have to admit I got quite lost in the opening chapter. In very quick succession (the first three or four pages) we jump time three times with no explanation other than a large paragraph break. I found this highly disorientating and although I instantly enjoyed Jory’s voice and style in telling me, the reader, his story, I had no clue at all what was going on – whether we were at his wedding, or his ex-husbands wedding. While I’m sure this organized-chaotic style of opening will seem fresh and unique to many readers, it left me, personally, lost and feeling like I’d missed something big and important. For such a relatively short story, having to go back and reread the first few pages again was a little difficult and annoying. But I really did enjoy Jory’s tone and voice, and with perseverance I was paid off by a thrilling and fun tale.
Aside from feeling lost now and then, I really thoroughly enjoyed this M/M romance tale. I found it full of emotional scenes, fun and laugh-out-loud moments and plenty of lighthearted romance. While definitely a M/M, there is nothing too outrageous sexually in this book and would be an excellent story I feel for readers wanting something more romance and emotional rather than kinky and strongly erotic.
Grab a lovely drink, put your feet up and relax with this fun, fast and delightful short story. I found the ending deeply satisfying and wonderfully romantic. After such a roller coaster ride it was a true pleasure to read Jory and Sam finally getting their happily ever after. A lovely story and one I will enjoy reading again.

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