Saturday, March 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Out With a Bang' by Sarah Marsh


Laura feels like a complete cliché. The single, secretly lusting woman, in love with her two spunky bosses. She’s made her decision though, to give notice and move on with her life. But will Grey and Barrett allow her to move on? Or will this be her chance to go out with a bang?
This is an interesting short story about how three people who work exceedingly well together come together in a ménage. I really liked how both Grey and Barrett were different men – Barrett the dominant, strong-alpha type of character and Grey the caring-but-disorganized style of guy. Each type of character are tried-and-true hero material and it was quite refreshing that the set-up wasn’t two alpha-males sharing a woman – or one alpha and one submissive. This difference made me feel as if the very-well-used plot (three people working well together moving that business relationship into the bedroom) was fresh and looked at from a different angle. And this freshness helped me enjoy the book immensely.
I felt the story lagged a bit at the start. I love short stories, but the pacing is critical to my mind. The action – and sexual chemistry – needs to move quickly so I don’t feel like there’s wasted time in the story. When you have a shorter length to work with, having a whole chapter of “set up” or background can sometimes have me feel as a reader as if that groundwork is wasted. I knew from the first couple of pages that Laura, Grey and Barrett worked really well as a team in their business. I wanted to read how they moved that professional relationship into a romantic one – and a whole lot of backstory didn’t serve that purpose to my mind. I found myself rushing, wanting to get to where Laura finally made a move and the threesome started to change the dynamics of their relationship.
The sex scene between the threesome was deliciously hot and explicit, well worth the wait to my mind. I loved how all the threads of the plot were woven seamlessly together, leaving me with a feeling of a solid story fully closed and a satisfying Happy Ever After ending. I definitely feel like the story ended on a high note and one that left a smile on my face.

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