Saturday, March 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Omega Sacrifice' by Quinn Michaels

Pennsylvania author Quinn Michaels pens sweet, sexy Mpreg romances: he also has published a fine book on Investing in the Computer Age! As Quinn phrases it, ‘I love fantasy, werewolves and M/M mpreg romance! My goal is to write action-packed adventures of romance, self-discovery and second chances, all served up with a hefty helping of sweet, sexy Omegas and hot, determined Alphas who will do anything to cherish, love, and protect them.’

Quinn has opened a new series of books that focus on Mpreg romances. His first book – OMEGA SHELTER - set the mood and now he extends the Pine Creek Lake series with OMEGA SACRIFICE.

We first meet Devon – ‘Rain beat down on Devon’s fur as he ran with his pack brothers alongside the swelling Pine Creek Lake to avenge his father. Two weeks ago, a pack search party had found the body in a shallow grave weighted down with jagged stones. Jeff had been stabbed, bitten, clawed, his neck broken, and someone had hit him in the back of the head, cracking his skull. A hard death for a hard man. Devon had respected his father—and hated him. But if Devon’s grandfather Angus was right, and the Pine Creek Lake wolves had murdered Jeff and kidnapped his mate, then Devon had a duty to see that justice was done. Devon would not shirk this duty, not if it gave him even the slightest chance to earn the respect of his pack brothers and his grandfather.’

Then Zeke enters - ‘Ever since Zeke was a cub, before he understood the idea of alpha, beta, and omega, and before he really understood what it meant to mate, he had been in love with Silas. Maybe because they were both misfits. Though Silas was an alpha, he’d always been short and whipcord thin with a too long face and too close-set eyes. To Zeke, he was perfect. They’d even held hands once, a year ago, as Tremaine and Mark set off fireworks beneath a perfect velvet sky. Omegas were supposed to be delicate, enchanting, graceful, and beautiful. As a cub, Zeke had been cherubic. He'd never grown out of his baby fat. Even as a wolf, he wheezed when he ran too hard, and while he was a lot stronger than he looked with what Silas described as a ‘wicked sense of humor,’ Zeke didn't turn heads. None of the alphas wanted him. Not that it mattered because Silas, too, had remained uninterested in the other omegas and even betas of their pack. Until tonight.’

And that tells us the essence of the place and den of Pine Creek Lake. The plot is distilled as follows- ‘Will he sacrifice his alpha to save his mate? An alpha of the Pine Creek Lake pack killed Devon’s father and kidnapped his omega. Now Angus, the alpha of the Blackcreek pack, has vowed revenge. But when Devon joins his grandfather to see that justice is done, he will be forced to question everything he’s ever known. When is murder revenge, and when is it justice? And is vengeance worth sacrificing his shot at a mate and happiness? Seeing the love of his life choose another, Zeke faces a bleak future as an omega with no hope of a mate. But when he stumbles into the arms of a strange and handsome alpha, is this a second chance at love for Zeke? Or will he be cast aside again in the name of revenge?

Short but told with fervor and erotic steam, Quinn seems be gathering a following for these books. Grady Harp, February 18
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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Editor's addendum: The author of the computer book mentioned in this article is not the same person who wrote Omega Sacrifice. The SFRB was notified of said error after this article was published. Apologies for any unintended confusion.

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