Friday, March 16, 2018

Book Review: 'No Getting Over You' by Cerise Deland

Viv has been taking on more work and more responsibility in her job and while she’s truly delighted her co-worker and best friend, Abby, has found the Navy SEAL of her dreams, it makes her feel a little tired and lonely to see Abby so blissful. When Britt knocked on Viv’s door to help her with all the last minute running around for Abby’s wedding he had no idea how much his life would change. Wounded in combat with his fellow Navy SEALs Britt is determined to get through his duties as best man then carve out a new life for himself. While he hadn’t been looking, after meeting Viv he knows he wants to include her in all his future plans.
I found this to be a lovely, slow-burning style of love story. While there are a few steamy sex scenes, I feel most traditional romance readers should find this a good, slow-paced style of story and not find the descriptive sex too overpowering. Almost the whole story revolves around Viv and Britt and their helping their friends, Abby and Nick, throughout their wedding. The pace is easy enough I found myself half way through almost wishing for the wedding to be over so I could see how Viv and Britt dealt with reality and “normal” life – not while they were constantly thrown together with the million and one pre-wedding duties they both needed to do as Best Man and Matron of Honor. While the preparations and wedding itself only took a few days it really felt to me a bit like a soap bubble out of time and each of their real life, so while their attraction and connection during this intense time together was great, it didn’t give me a lot of confidence of how they would build a solid and lasting relationship that would remain steady outside of this small space of time.
The characters of Viv and Britt were interesting and had a number of complex layers that I really liked. I also loved the strong cast of secondary characters, Abby and Nick, their team-mates and family. I could easily see a number of future characters for follow-up stories down the line and wouldn’t be surprised if there are more of these to come. While the sex was graphic I didn’t feel like it over-shadowed the story itself. There was a lot of story both before and after the main intimacy and this helped it feel a lot better rounded as a story to me.
While I would have preferred to see Viv and Britt develop their relationship a bit more outside of the wedding setting, this was otherwise a great, slow-burning and character-centric story that was both sweet and spicy. I feel it should appeal to a wide range and readers and I’ll be interested in further stories to see some of the strong secondary characters develop.

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