Saturday, March 3, 2018

Book Review: 'The New Cat' by Patrick S. Stemp and Anita Soelver

From Frogburps come author Patrick Stemp and Danish illustrator Anita Sølver and the result is a very successful collaborative book called THE NEW CAT. Creative minds join to bring a refreshing lilt to the genre of children's books.

Cat is the queen of her castle. She loves playing with her catnip ball, chasing shadows, and eating fish - and most of all, taking catnaps in the sunshine through the kitchen window. Everything changed when Cat's family brought home a present - a NEW CAT!!!!!! The new cat was friendly and Cat plays with her catnip ball, trying to share it with new cat. But new cat sniffed the catnip ball, was disinterested, and played with chewed on rope instead. Cat doesn't understand their differences, offers new cat some of her fish food, but new cat jut sniffed and preferred a bowl of hard pellets - another surprise and disappointment for Cat. Cat tries to figure out the reasons new cat has different interests until she looks out a window and sees her family walking new cat on a rope. When the family gets home Cat naps in her sunshine then goes downstairs and new cat is napping in her kitchen sunshine spot, and thinking that if only they had one thing in common they could be friends - like taking a nap together in the kitchen favorite spot.

A cute story (of course new cat is a pup) that will entertain children as they discover the secret Cat doesn't appreciate until the end. Excellent illustrations and clever (and instructive) story from Patrick and Anita and Frogburps. Grady Harp, May 15

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