Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Review: 'My Commander' by Alanea Alder


I laughed so many times during this paranormal romance because of the pop culture mashups that the heroine spouted, which created some of the most memorable and humorous moments in the story. If the author is a true fan of Dr. Who, Twister and other awesome shows, she picked some great lines to show it. And her heroine’s T-shirts? Totally grin-worthy.
I wasn’t too sure what I was getting into as I read the first chapter because Ms. Alder had Meryn meeting her mate, Aiden, so quickly. It was a bit unbelievable and seemed like it was happening at warp speed, but for all of that it was no less hysterical. I mean, how many heroines bean their hero over the head with a part of his own toilet? Or pull the pin on a grenade? Or turn a growly, alpha bear into her own teddy bear? Or wow a were-wolf shifter to the point of letting the heroine treat him like her own favorite puppy including belly scratches and ear rubs? Meryn is a very unique, engaging, funny heroine with an attitude, a love for coffee and who suffers PMS with a vengeance. On top of that, she’s wickedly smart and a great organizer. I totally liked Meryn as a heroine.
Aiden is her gruff bear who acts more bear and soldier than human man. He’s been so long dealing with shifter politics and in command that he has no concept of the finer aspects of courtship or patience with waiting for what he wants. He wants Meryn with such a force that he is his own worst enemy, which of course translates for fun reading. When one of his important “missions” is to obtain tampons for his mate, I was mentally rolling on the floor laughing. Oh my gosh was that ever funny!!! I am quite impressed with Ms. Alder’s sense of humor.
Secondary characters provide some of the plot motivation which contributes to crucial plot points later on in the book. A few of them, like Aiden’s parents are fleshed out enough to make me like them and enjoy reading about them in the story but they still seemed too nice, too easy, too accommodating. Then again, if they were written any differently it could have undermined where the author wanted the plot to go, so I can understand that and accept it while still feeling not 100% satisfied.
As it is, Meryn is the stronger of the characters because the plotline follows her mostly through her introduction, acceptance and eventual role in this new paranormal world she finds herself in. That includes the fact that someone has targeted her for death; but not before she’s magically, sadistically played with because someone wants her to fear before they kill her. The scary part is, a reader is never sure just who the mastermind is. As My Commander is the first in what looks to be a new series, that little carrot of Who, Why and How is left dangling for further exploration in the next book. Considering all the yummy guys I ‘met’ during the course of this novel, I’m going to be in for a treat as this overall story arc is explored.
My Commander is a grin-worthy delight for paranormal romance readers and should not be missed. Once the action gets going, the pace is fulfilling and brisk and is a real page flipper. I have no problems recommending this novel to other paranormal romance fans because there is a ton of good stuff within its pages. I adore Meryn and Aiden and get a kick out of their relationship. I am completely satisfied with their happy ever after and I’m sure many readers will enjoy it too. One of the most clever twists is the title – it seduces a reader into an assumption so kudos to the author for crafty wit. My Commander is definitely worth reading.

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