Saturday, March 3, 2018

Book Review: 'More Than Ready' by Anita Philmar

Texas author Anita Philmar dedicates this novella `To the men in my life - True Texans with hearts of gold' - and with that intro she brings back her character Kirk Pepperman whom she introduced in `In Too Deep' and at the end of this book she generously offers an excerpt from that book to help the reader fully appreciate Kirk. Anita studied Management Information System at University of North Texas but seems to be altering her career beginnings as a successful erotica writer, having published some 15 or so books to date.

Anita includes this story in her series Naked Bluff, Texas Western Historical Romance, MORE THAN READY being Book 4. Though the story is short she manages to give enough background information about the two active characters - Kirk and Mary Beth - to appreciate their particular reaction to the incident that is the focal point of the story. She also has the skills of painting the scenery well enough to create the sense of being present for the reader - and what a show she stages.

Anita supplies enough history for us to become involved immediately: `After losing his brother, Kirk Pepperman planned a future with Richard's wife, Sadie. Kirk wanted to honor his brother and take care of Sadie. She had other ideas and married another man. Now, he is uncertain what he should do with is life. Enter a determine woman - Mary Beth Owens knows her parents are arranging for her to marry Kirk. The problem is he's been stuck on the wrong woman for years. With Sadie out of the picture, Mary Beth is determined to find out if Kirk can be the man she wants him to be. If not, then she has no desire to marry him either. Can these two let go of the past and move into the future?' And that is precisely what this scene details. Mary Beth disturbs Kirk's solitude by lassoing him, tying him to a chair, and informing him that while her parents are attempting to arrange a marriage she wants to try out the goods first. Both of these actors are sexy and desirable and the seduction scene begins as a BDSM overture but soon turns into a full-fledged mutually satisfying erotic episode, and the success of Kirk as a pleasure giver makes Mary Beth (and Kirk) feel she is `more than ready' to enter a long term marriage.

Well-written erotica is rarely as well conceived as this book. For those who love steamy erotic encounters delivered by a fine wordsmith, MORE THAN READY is ready for you. Grady Harp, May 15

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