Monday, March 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Montana Christmas Magic' by Casey Dawes

Montana Christmas Magic was a sweet, innocent and tender romance between Logan and Julie. It’s the classic tale of the city mouse meets the country mouse which is actually referenced in the book. The synopsis is basically the entire story without the dialogue between the hero and heroine – two people who are at crossroads in their life when they meet, fall in love and then become torn with indecision. There are no sudden plot twists or anguish provoking story lines; just two honest people who want success, love, and happiness. Who doesn’t want that?
The story flowed steady like slow molasses without any hiccups or bumps. How Ms. Dawes described the scenery sounded breath-taking. I have never been to Montana so I was intrigued when Julie was describing the type of landscape she was painting. I felt pleased when Julie stood up for herself and decided to make her dreams happen despite the challenges and obstacles she faced. She possessed strength and determination yet was thoughtful and considerate of others. That’s something that I can’t say for Logan. Logan isn’t my ideal book boyfriend. He was selfish and weak. Any grown man that hasn’t cut the umbilical cord with their mother is not the man for me. Despite all that, the chemistry between the two was believable and endearing. They both just need more time to grow up and mature, especially Logan. I felt a bit like I was reading a young adult book.
There was an attempt in creating an interesting plot twist with the horse but it fell flat. In fact, I don’t recall that plot thread ever being resolved. What happened to the lady? Did she just give up? In the end I guess it doesn’t matter because the story really wasn’t about the horse.
In conclusion I’d say this book was a good book to read while waiting to get your oil changed. I don’t consider it a waste of my time but it’s not one that I’d put on my keeper shelf. I must point out that there was one line in the book that made the entire book worth reading, “Just because you’ve made a decision doesn’t mean it’s the right one.” I just wanted to shout “AMEN”!
Montana Christmas Magic did have a fast paced happily ever after ending that left me dizzy but satisfied. I imagined a director using a clapperboard saying “That’s a wrap”! If you are at a crossroads in your life and need inspiration then this book is for you. Follow your heart and your dreams with an open mind! Don’t give up!

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