Saturday, March 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Merry XXXmas' by Cori Vidae


Christmas for the naughty can be just as nice.
The skillful crafting of three erotica shorts offer an enjoyable reading experience threaded together by the Christmas holiday. It pays just as much to be bad as it does to be good for the participants in the hot telling of The Favour and Merry Christmas. The first person telling of The Favour is reversed in the third person telling of Merry Christmas as we peek inside of the sexy Christmas present a dominant soldier rewards his submissive slave girl with whose waiting for him at home. Santa’s Knee deviates from the theme, but still maintains its own titillating twist as our main character Steffi, retells her visit to see Santa in her diary.
I enjoyed the fluid writing of the stories, but was a little disappointed to not have a little more heat. All three stories were sexy, but there was nothing so hot that I couldn’t find it in a regular steamy romance novel.
All play was consensual and the author walks a delicate line as she examines The Favour in a mirror writing from the sub’s perspective in Merry Christmas. I like how the excitement, hesitations, and ultimately the climaxes happened in real ways. It is easy to picture the character’s enjoyment, and the beautiful writing of each setting replaced my home office with the images the author portrayed. My review places this book somewhere in the middle, not because the writing wasn’t good, but because it is a little deceptive to claim three different erotica shorts. There were really two shorts and three perspectives. Merry XXXmas is fun and sexy, but didn’t cause any sparks to fly for me. Minor typos were also present, but nothing my brain didn’t fill in on my first read through. I loved that the stories were fun to read, and not just hot. Erotica should be just as entertaining as it is sexy and Merry XXXmas delivers.
In all, Merry XXXmas is a good eBook to keep bedside when you want something a little spicy. Snuggle in for a good time. The scenes imagined might not cause you to stir into a frenzy, but they are still nice catalyst for a fantasy or two. Maybe even a little role-playing.

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