Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Meagan' by Jennifer Labelle

Heidi and Zoey, Meagan’s two best friends have found love and solid relationships from following through on their respective dares. Now Meagan finds that it’s her turn, and her shyness won’t cut it as an excuse to back out. But will fulfilling the dare bring her the same happiness, and if not what next for shy Meagan?
I was extremely interested in the twist the author put on Meagan’s dare. Having it not work out the way Meagan had planned was an excellent catalyst to having Meagan come home to her best friends and cousin. I was really interested to see Meagan interact with all the secondary characters, particularly since the dynamic has changed so much since she left home – with Heidi and Zoey finding both partners and working together in a foursome with Rafe and Megan’s cousin, Nathan. I found their interactions were interesting and different to most other stories you find, even in erotic romances.
Coop was also an interesting choice for the hero for Meagan. With a mile-wide protective streak and a whole lot of patience he struck me as an excellent choice of hero for shy, naïve and somewhat innocent Meagan.
I was a little confused with the somewhat conflicting signals Meagan sent out. On the one hand her disaster of a previous experience had her firmly stating numerous times that she wasn’t in the right space for a relationship or sex at all, and that she was firmly off the market for now at least. Yet almost from the moment she met Coop, Meagan was desperately attracted to the handsome man and had wanted more than just friendship with him. These two things didn’t really gel together in my mind. Even though Meagan and Coop didn’t act on their attraction for a number of weeks the story jumped forward to where their attraction was a lot more fierce for each other, so Meagan insisting that she was ready for more felt a little jarring to me, particularly considering some of the circumstances that occurred in the very recent past for Meagan. Indeed, while I can completely understand the author not going into graphic detail of these circumstances (very unromantic!) I couldn’t help but feel this really serious event was almost completely glossed over.
Basically, for me, Meagan’s wanting to jump into a sexual relationship with Coop just didn’t feel realistic or sexy to me, personally. As a plot device, explaining why she came home, why her dare didn’t work out – all that made sense logically, I just didn’t feel the emotion behind it, partly because of the conflicting feelings (being devastated and saying “not ready” on one hand and being desperately in lust seconds later) but also because I felt the author really blunted a lot of the emotion side of Meagan’s (and thus me as a reader) response to this life-altering event.
There is plenty of very hot sex in this short story – though the vast majority of it is variations of the foursome; Zoey with Nathan and Rafe – and all four together: Zoey, Heidi, Nathan and Rafe. I could understand this though, as Meagan and Coop’s relationship isn’t really solid and at a sexual stage until the end of the story. But once we get there the scene is spicy hot and well written.
I found this to be an interesting story with a solid plotline and a huge cast of really vivid, fun and sexy characters. A godd conclusion to this trilogy.

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