Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review: 'Mask Of Desire' by P.L. Harris

New in town, Tash let herself get talked into attending the Halloween masquerade party. There, she found herself seriously attracted to one Detective Kayden Langford. Saved when his phone rang, Tash managed to avoid Kayden until she found herself reluctantly going to his New Year’s Eve party. This time, Kayden won’t allow anything to distract him.
This is a fun short story. While I admit I was a little puzzled as to how strongly Tash thought her back-tattoo would cause her an insurmountable social stigma (it’s set in Australia and I don’t believe the country is *that* backwards – tons of Aussie’s have tattoos after all). Even so, I could sort-of understand the whole “small town mentality” thing. I also found Tash’s frequent musings on her past and particularly her ex, Connor, a little mood-breaking. I felt a lot of sympathy for Tash and how much Connor had hurt her, but I struggled to understand why she still thought of him so very much when I felt it was clear Tash was trying really hard to move on and start her life afresh – these two things seemed contradictory to me and I found myself slightly impatient that Tash couldn’t seem to let her ex go, mentally.
I have to admit though, once Tash and Kayden finally get into gear together the story really lifted and I enjoyed it a lot. I giggled when the plot veered into a modern-day-twist to Cinderella and I honestly am always a sucker for a masquerade ball plotline. I enjoyed the second half of this story a lot more than the first half and I feel readers should stick with it to reap the rewards.
Overall I found this a quick, easy to read story. Apart from a few bumps with Tash’s character and some puzzling moments about the plot I found this to be a fun, sexy story and I was thrilled when Kayden and Tash got together and decided to give their romance a real go. With a lovely happy ending this had a great finish and I was pleased I had kept reading along.

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