Sunday, March 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Marry Me' by Heidi Wessman Kneale


Don’t say it with words. Say it with candy.
Raymond was such a likable guy. I appreciated the fact that the plot spent as much time as it did showing how he spent his time when he wasn’t falling for a woman he’d just met. Seeing him dote on his nieces and nephews and struggle with his stutter only made me like him more than I already did. He felt like a real person to me because of how well I got to know him.
The fantasy elements of this story were faint. While I wouldn’t expect a romance to necessarily go into as much detail about how the magic in that universe works as I would from something that was purely fantasy, it would have been helpful to have more clues about Raymond’s abilities and how they worked. Mentioning them without explaining any of the rules about what magic can be used for made certain scenes confusing for me because I never knew what Raymond was and was not capable of. Had it all been clearer, I would have chosen a higher rating as I really liked the plot overall.
The chemistry between Raymond and Millie couldn’t have been better. Their personalities complemented each other beautifully. What was even better than that was how effortlessly they brought out the best parts of each other when they spent time together. Seeing them get along so nicely made me hope they’d have a happy ending.
Marry Me is a good choice for anyone who is in the mood for an old-fashioned romance with a hint of fantasy.

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