Saturday, March 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Man for Hire' by Rhonda Eason


A vacation to heal turns into a chance to live again.
A couples vacation was scheduled a year prior, but many things have happened in the year leaving Lauren Daniels going to Jamaica alone. With not many friends to reach out to, Lauren extends an invite to her pregnant housekeeper. During their trip Lauren throws caution to the wind and takes a chance on lust. The author created a beautiful place where the characters were able to get away along with the elements lining up for them to find love.
Man for Hire is a likable read that has a neat plot that kept my interest. I enjoyed the plot and setting on how Lauren and Dwayne met however, the book left a few holes that had me wondering if there is a book before this that explains more in detail. I often found myself wondering why the author tried to keep Lauren’s prior life such a secret.
This is a book that is well written with a writing style that is easy to read. As I stated earlier, the plot was somewhat unique in how Lauren and Dwayne met. Unique, but also a little scary to sleep with someone under the circumstances that Lauren slept with Dwayne. The characters were okay. I think the short length of the story didn’t help me to really get a feel to like them or not like them. I wanted to feel sorry for Lauren but not enough information about what she went through was given. The story gave little mention of her daughter and husband. And many of the things mentioned about her deceased husband were complaints. So I was kind of confused as to what type of relationship she had with him. To me, it didn’t seem like they had a relationship that was all that great, but yet she has spent almost a year feeling guilty about enjoying her life without her husband and daughter.
I did get the feeling that Lauren has a kind heart because she nicely offered the vacation tickets to her housekeeper. In the start of the book both women were in an unfortunate place and it was encouraging to read about the bond they formed and by the end of the book I was glad to read that they made things work for the best instead of giving up or feeling sorry for themselves.
It was cute how Lauren and Dwayne kept ending up in the same places on the island. It was nice to read that they both met during a time when they both needed someone. And even though Lauren had planned to limit her time I can see why she still felt the desire to live and let go.
Pregnant Sophia has been Lauren’s housekeeper for eight months. It doesn’t really tell much about her current relationship or how she ended up working for Lauren, just that she has made the decision to give her child up for adoption. However, her trip to Jamaica turns out pretty well. Sophia and Lauren seem to grow in their relationship beyond their employment ties. Both ladies seem to bond and be able to fill a void that each of them had. Their connection seems to have changed the plans that both women had originally set.
The sex scenes were just that – sex. I wouldn’t describe them as love making or anything sensual. Lauren hasn’t had relations in over a year, and for her to assume she is with a man for hire I would think he would be a little more attentive and sensual than ‘faster, harder’. With that type quick action she should have had a clue.
After finishing the book I took a minute to pause to see what message was the author trying to get across. Here Lauren is all alone after her husband and daughter’s death and she’s wanting to give up even though I don’t agree with her actions for sleeping with a stranger I can understand her reasoning for doing so.
Even though a portion of the plot felt like a mystery that was never revealed I would still read other books by this author. Her writing style flows in a pleasurable read, the pacing zooms and her plot has a nice positive ending.

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