Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Love Supernaturally' by Charlotte Copper

Romance is not part of Cassie’s plan.
Cassie has no intention of getting into a serious relationship unless she finds another angel. Cassie believes her mother’s union with a human and her birth were the root of the depression that consumed her mother. It is a heavy burden to carry. As I read, I wondered if there were other angels Cassie could talk to. She knew there were angels working in the hospital. Could she have asked them about her mother’s experience? Cassie has convinced herself that she is content with the life she’s chosen, but I wasn’t so sure. She’s an intelligent, sweet young woman, but she seemed sad to me. Will Cassie’s ban on romance do more damage than good?
I liked Fraser immediately. He’s friendly, caring, and handsome, and he wiggles his way into Cassie’s heart before she knows what’s happening. Fraser and Cassie have the potential to be a great couple. When Cassie figures out that Fraser is a witch, he doesn’t take the news well and their budding romance is derailed. Fraser doesn’t automatically accept everything Cassie tells him. His entire world has changed, and he needs time to process that. I find that very realistic. When Fraser’s world is rocked by another change, will he and Cassie find strength in each other, or let their chance at love slip away?
I would really like to know more about Cassie and Fraser’s world and the rules that govern it. Are there lots of angels and witches or are they rare? Do angels and witches cooperate with each other often? Are there other supernatural creatures? What sort of training do angels and witches go through as they learn to control their powers? While Ms. Copper provides enough information to make this story satisfying, I felt like I’d just skimmed the surface, and I was left wanting to know more.
I’m glad I had the opportunity to read Love Supernaturally. It is a fun and quick story sure to delight romance fans.

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