Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Learning To Love Cats' by K.M. Mahoney


Mike loves his rambunctious nephew Charlie, and when Charlie’s pet hamster dies, Mike meets Riley at the vet clinic. Riley is a cat breeder, and when Mike’s sister insists that Charlie needs a pet cat, Mike decides to give Riley a call. In the ensuing mayhem, can the two men work something out?
I found this to be a lovely, funny short story. Equal parts humourous and sexy, I found myself deeply entertained and enthralled by Mike and Riley. I really enjoyed both Mike and Riley’s characters, but it was some of the secondary characters that really made this story different and so amusing. Like Charlie, the four year old, sticky fingered destroyer, or any one of Riley’s ten siblings. I loved how the author managed to infuse not just humour and realism into so many varied characters, but also made it not come across to me as campy or trying too hard.
In many ways this story has it all – hot and sexy guys, crazy families, destructive children and of course long-haired, home-bred cats. If you’re looking for a light, funny and sizzling hot M/M romance I feel this ticks plenty of the boxes. No hard-core erotica or kinky play here, just lots of laughs, plenty of fun characters and Mike and Riley falling deeply in love together.
I really enjoyed this short story and can happily recommend it.

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