Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Knocked Out' by Julie Tetel Andresen


For me, this is a first. In a nice turn of events, it isn’t just the male lead who’s kicking tail and taking names, in this short novel Brisa, an MMA fighter, is every bit as strong and determined to see her job to the end.
I love action packed romances and this one had action, romance, fight scenes, love and so much more. There were highs and lows for me in this book.
The author is descriptive and did a good job of helping the readers visualize the scenes, especially fight scenes. Though the constant POV changes were an issue for me. The continuous back and forth POV between Brisa and Wings, made it so there were times I felt like I was forcing myself to continue read it. There were also some editing issues that would be easy to fix.
However, I’m thankful I read the book to the end. The suspense and the mystery paid off. The climax was action packed and worth the wait.
Brisa is more than a ring fighter, she’s a spy, dispatched to clean up the bad things or actions in the MMA world around the country. She’s also very intelligent. The author did a good job revealing a lot about Brisa.
The big bad of this trilogy is revealed and shut down with the help of Brisa and her love interest, Wings. I felt that there was somethings regarding these spy missions I was missing because this is the third book in the series. Reading the books in order would likely make the series as a whole more enjoyable.
I think readers who like stories set in exotic locations but with the familiarity of motorcycle club themes could enjoy this book. The mystery element along with the players was unique. Brisa and Wing’s story as well the as the plot was revealed slowly and it was a great ending to a good book and closure to the series.

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