Friday, March 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Killer At Christmas' by Kera Faire

After breaking his ankle and going through seemingly endless physio to get himself back in form, Rio is eager to get back to work – even if he’s not keen on needing to seduce answers out of a string of women. When he learns his next target will be his not-hardly-forgotten ex-wife, Andie, he has mixed feelings. Unable to forget her or turn his back when she needs him, Rio is going through with job – whether it’s assigned to him or not.
This is a fast paced short story. I struggled a bit to follow it in places and I think that was because this is the fourth book in a series and there isn’t a whole lot of back-story to orient a reader picking up this one first. I found a number of the secondary characters weren’t very well introduced and there was a fair amount of shadowy secrecy around the group Rio worked with and what, exactly, their job entailed. This really lessened my enjoyment of the story (and reiterated to myself, personally, that it’s never a good idea to pick up a book mid way through a series – I hate feeling lost and like I’m missing a bunch of the backstory!) and had me feeling all through it as if I was waiting for a bit of catch-up information to help it all make a bit more sense to me.
I did, however, really enjoy Rio’s character. Equal parts strong-willed bad boy and still-in-love, vulnerable ex-husband, I feel Rio is a hero (or possibly, anti-hero) that will appeal to a wide range of readers. Andie, too, was an interesting character that I found myself sympathizing with. Somehow she managed to be both sweet but also seriously raunchy and kinky – and I have to give kudos to the author for writing Andie in such a way that I found her believable despite the seeming paradoxical nature of her character.
The sex was deliciously hot with a bit of a kinky bite to it. I feel readers used to elements of BDSM in their erotica won’t find anything too drastic or envelope pushing her, but readers used to only a small amount of sizzle in their romances might want to be aware there’s a fair bit of kink to this short story.
An interesting read I thoroughly enjoyed the sex and the characters, but would strongly recommend readers pick up at least some of the earlier books before cracking this one open.

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