Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Joy' by C.S. Poe

After crashing his car when a moose jumped out unexpectedly at him, Gideon Joy was pretty sure he was the most unlucky of men. Thankfully, fellow dinted-car-goer, Silas, turned out to be a decent guy and gave Gideon a lift to the nearest “town”. Needing to stay and earn some money for Silas’ repairs, Gideon is about to find that his life had taken on a complete turn-around.
This is a fun short story told in the first-person perspective from Gideon. While it’s clear that Silas is to be our hero’s hero and love interest, reading everything purely from Gideon’s perspective meant it took a little while for me to really thoroughly warm up to Silas. Silas is the strong, silent, mountain-man style of character and so not being able to see his perspective – while keeping me guessing and eagerly turning pages – did mean the romance unraveled a little more slowly than I’m used to in an erotic romance. Also, while I appreciated Gideon’s humorous inner thoughts, it made this feel more like a lighthearted romantic comedy – rather than the erotic M/M I was expecting to read. While I loved the voice and tone of the story, it took me a chapter or two to change my preconceived expectations on the story itself, relax and really start to laugh and enjoy the story for what it was.
I really feel it’s important to note that there isn’t any explicit sex at all in this story. There are a few kisses and a little hand-holding – but as I was expecting this to be an erotic romance it was fairly surprising to me that there was no sexual intimacy and nothing that I found at all explicit in the whole story. I personally don’t feel the story is lacking for this – there’s plenty of chemistry between Silas and Gideon – but readers expecting or wanting a spicy/erotic story might not find this satisfies them. That said, I loved the author’s voice and readers happy with a fun, light and humorous small-town M/M story should find this lovely. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the story, as well as the strong cast of secondary characters from the small town. This helped give the book a vibrant feeling to me and also made the whole story feel homey and warm.
A romantic and happy short story, this is a fun book with great characters and plenty of laughs.

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