Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Book Review: 'It’s Been You' by Rina Gray

Tiana Holliday is a strong career-minded woman, but when in competition with her college nemesis, Nathaniel Lawson, it makes the work day a lot more exciting. Both are seeking to gain a promotion at work. Tiana and Nathaniel pose a challenge outside of work which opens up an opportunity that both may not be ready for.
This is a quick enjoyable read that I thought was sweet. I enjoyed Nathaniel’s creativity and the outings he planned. I liked both Tiana and Nathaniel. They were both dominating in the work force but both well rounded in having a life outside of work having friends and family. The storyline is cute in how they build a relationship but don’t really seem aware of it. It’s a sweet boy likes girl story but for some reason he doesn’t reveal his true feelings. I also like the relationship that Nathaniel has with his father and his father’s wife. The book includes vivid supporting characters as well.
The writing is easy to follow. I like how the author incorporated Tiana in this second book, but a reader doesn’t necessarily have to read the books in order. The author is obviously a lover of Games of Thrones because it is mentioned several times through out the book. The relationship between Tiana and Nathaniel was refreshing to read. It shows that a book doesn’t have to include a lot of drama but still can offer a satisfying read. Its a good example of a relationship that could be authentic because it includes the troubles, self-doubt and miscommunication and misunderstandings that often accompanies relationships.
This book would be a recommendation for readers that enjoy watching the sparks of a relationship grow but also offers a happy ending.

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