Monday, March 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Initiation' by Sierra Cartwright


Sierra Cartwright is one of my favorite authors. Sadly, Initiation is not one of my favorite books by her, though I’m not sorry I read it. Let me explain:
In the beginning, I was drawn into the story by two intriguing characters. Logan was a Dom with a mysterious scar on his face and piercing green eyes. Jennifer was a novice who had seen BDSM in a movie and wanted to try. While Logan felt a bit distant to me, Jennifer loved her coffee with lots of sugar and cream and enjoyed eating pastries, which made her realistic. I was eager to read and discover how he would earn her trust. The story didn’t quite meet my expectations. It was good but, having read many books by this author, I was expecting more.
I found the emotional connection between the characters, disappointing. For me, their love story felt like a negotiation. He’d Dom her and she’d do her own thing and sex would occur in the middle because they had the hots for each other. I missed depth in these two characters. I missed cheering for their love. I missed feeling more. This is a short story and maybe the author felt rushed to get “the good stuff” in but as a reader, I needed to see the buildup as much as the result.
Notwithstanding the shortfall in the emotional department, it didn’t do the same in the bedroom. Ms. Cartwright is in my opinion one of the best BDSM authors published. Her sex scenes are detailed and exquisitely written, this is BDSM that feels real and transported me to that moment with the characters. Readers who simply want a taste of her writing to test the heat, this will be a good one to recommend.
In conclusion, Initiation was a scorching read.

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