Saturday, March 31, 2018

Book Review: 'An Imperfect Oath' by Stewart Goodwin


Each man took the same oath, an oath to uphold the law, to protect and serve the citizens of their fine city. Although both men said the same words, under the same circumstances and for the same reasons, each took a different direction once they placed that badge on their uniforms. What do you do when the bad guy is supposedly one of the good guys?
An Imperfect Oath is the kind of mystery novel that makes you think and keeps you thinking the entire time you’re reading. This is a story that covers the span of many years and sees many changes in not just the officers working the case, but also changes in the way that police work is done and evidence is handled. I was fascinated by watching the story evolve along with the techniques in crime fighting.
The good guy isn’t a perfect officer, but he does his best to do the right thing always. Serving justice is his job and it’s one he takes seriously. He makes his mistakes along the way but never loses sight of what’s most important. On the other hand, the bad guy is just that – a very bad guy. Armed with a badge and the idea that he’s the smartest, sneakiest man on the planet, he commits crime after crime fully believing that he’ll never be caught. Considering how long it takes to finally put all the pieces together, it’s easy to see why his confidence only grew.
I’ve always enjoyed reading stories about cold cases and the many ways forensics are used to solve them. An Imperfect Oath acted almost as a history lesson in how the science of forensics has evolved over the last thirty years from essentially nothing to opening a whole world of evidence you’d never even know was there. An engaging and page-turning story of two police officers, one on each side of the law, fighting against each other for the ultimate win.

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