Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Review: 'I Wish I’d Never Met You' by Tanith Davenport


Second chances don’t come around very often. Only time will tell if Elodie will make the best of hers.
The supporting characters were nicely written. I liked the dash of humor they added to the plot almost as much as I liked these characters themselves. Seeing how Flick and Elodie responded to their friends and family members added dimensions to their personalities that I never would have noticed otherwise. Including as many of these moments as the author did was a good idea.
There were too many flashbacks for my tastes. While some of them were completely necessary in order to understand why Flick was reacting to her ex the way she did, I was distracted by how often the scenes shifted from the present to what happened to the characters four years ago. They also broke up the pacing of this story without giving me any information about Elodie’s betrayal than I hadn’t already gotten earlier.
There were several times when the dialogue made me smile. A lot of the plot development actually happened as a result of the conversations certain characters had with each other. This was an interesting and creative way to move things along. It’s not something I come across very often in fiction, and it made me curious to look up the rest of Ms. Davenport’s work and see if she uses this same technique in other tales.
Give I Wish I’d Never Met You a try if you’re a fan of reminiscing about the past.

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