Sunday, March 4, 2018

Book Review: 'I Forgot Light Burns' by Eileen R. Tabios

Eileen R. Tabios is one of the more adventuresome and truly creative poets before the public today. She is absolutely able to write poems in the usual styles and make her works resonate with every reader. But she always is searching for ways to push the use of words into formats or situation that challenge the brain as well as heart. She makes us think: she makes us work. And she is able in this book to entertain.
I FORGOT LIGHT BURNS is her 28th poetry collection and she has never repeated herself, thought wise, style wise, or aura wise. The words here are basically arranged in one line thoughts, but it is the pungency of those brief words that once again underlines how immensely creative Eileen is.

The first set of thoughts is I FORGOT THE FLAMENCO RED are rarely has the color re been so explored in words. Then she offers brief thoughts under the grouping I FORGOT LIGHT BUTNS such as the few shared here:

I forgot how quickly civilization can disappear,
as swiftly as the shoreline form an oil spill
birthed from a twist of the wrist by a drunk
vomiting over the helm -

I forgot I wanted to make memories, not simply
press petals between pages of expendable
books -

I forgot instructing saliva to wait -

I forgot a girl shrieking as her swing soared
towards a boiling sky -

And those are just random treasures plucked from this bouquet. I never tire from discovering new works by Eileen R. Tabios. She makes my eyes more open, my brain more alert, my heart - richer. Grady Harp, May 15

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