Saturday, March 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Hurts So Good' by Serge de Moliere


Hurts So Good is a short sweet novel of love lost and found. Krista is injured during a horseback riding lesson. Severe pain has her making an appointment with a physical therapist. Could this injury be the key to her finding the man she once let go?
The writing is clear, enjoyable and all from Krista’s point of view. The characters are both physically fit and athlete, however, I really didn’t care to much for Krista’s. She was suppose to be in such pain but seemed so desperate. She reminisces about Tony a guy she once dumped. I know it’s a short story but Krista’s character just seemed kind of undeveloped. Why or what made her reminisce and want Tony now?
The physical therapist and male character, Antonio’s, description doesn’t match or even resemble the man shown on the bookcover. This maybe misleading to readers. Antonio is told to be handsome with an attractive build, this is very good eye candy for readers to imagine as they read. The attraction Krista has for Antonio is obvious, because it seems her lustful eyes over shadow the pain from her injury. I liked how the author gave a little teaser having Antonio not only committed to his job as a therapist but very knowledgeable, and he ensured that his client received the best care under the circumstances.
The author seems to be well versed about horseback riding and physical therapy techniques. The description of the process of riding is very interesting and I even learned a few things about riding. The love scene were hot and sure to make any reader blush.
Recommended to those that enjoy a quick happy ending about rekindled lovers.

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