Friday, March 16, 2018

Book Review: 'Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded' by Kate Hardy

If you feel the need of a cotton candy fix for the brain, then Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded should satisfy the urge. It’s romantic, sweet and perfect for a stress-free, enjoyable experience. This is also good for fans of the ‘friends to lovers’ theme.
Alex has the perfect plan to land the perfect job; find a lady to be his wife so he’ll be viewed as dependable and capable of following through with commitment. What bigger commitment is there than marriage? It’s a risky venture so who’s the perfect candidate? His best friend, Bel. She’s been there for him when life was challenging, and he’s been there for her when life threw her some very big lemons. It should work right?
The one word that was overused during most of the book was ‘perfect’. Alex could do no wrong, make a bad choice or act like a typical self-absorbed male. He was a practically perfect romantic lead. The only person with a bona fide conflict is the heroine. It doesn’t make waves until later in the novel but it’s fairly effective. It does get resolved and the joy commences.
On the whole, Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded is a happy book. It’s full of optimism, heart, love and lightness. Even when the bad stuff happens, it’s mitigated by their love and Alex proves to be the man every woman wants on planet Earth. When I read his dialogue and how he reacted, the author effectively showed me a man who I’d want at my side when life is at its hardest. That for me, made this book worth reading and glad to have read it.

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