Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Book Review: 'His Dirty Girl' by Winter Sloane

Three weeks ago Rob started doing his morning commute on the train. In the fourth carriage is a gorgeous woman, one whose name he still doesn’t know, but who manages to start his day on a serious high note. Grinding against each other in the packed rush-hour carriage, the two of them manage a number of intimate encounters with no one around them the wiser. But finally Rob decides he wants more, and when Maddie tells him her name, they can finally uncover what might really be between them both.
I found this to be an interesting short story. I liked how Rob and Maddie met on the train together – giving a definite zing to their morning commute to work. I also appreciated how their very public setting gave them both time to get to know each other a little before they indulged in the hot sex and chemistry blazing between them. I enjoyed getting to know both Rob and Maddie a little before seeing them try and take their relationship further.
While I found Rob and Maddie meeting and playing on the morning train refreshingly different, the other two main plotlines of Rob’s crazy ex-wife and Maddie’s harassing boss were a little clich├ęd. Thankfully both were minor plotlines and didn’t detract at all from the blossoming romance between Maddie and Rob. I felt the pacing of the relationship between Maddie and Rob was realistic and I enjoyed it, ending certainly with an air of positivity. Apart from slight exhibitionist tendencies, there wasn’t really any kink to their sex – so readers thinking there might be edgier sex might be a little disappointed. I felt that the overall romantic nature of their sexy relationship made up for the lack of “dirtiness” that’s alluded to in the title.
A fun and very sexy story, I enjoyed reading about Rob and Maddie finding each other and coming together.

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