Friday, March 23, 2018

Book Review: 'The Haircut' by Lusty Soul


Not everyone meets their perfect match in life right away.
The sex scenes were really well done. The chemistry between Elbe and Lucy was red hot. I especially liked how the author included the transgender identity of one of them into everything else that was going on without making it the only focal point of that scene. It was incredibly sexy, and it was also a smooth way to share that information with the audience without slowing down the plot one bit.
I would have liked to see more time spent explaining Elbe’s relationship with her brother. There were some things about it that I never understood, especially when it came to how he kept such close tabs on someone he was obviously very upset with. Their tense relationship was such an important part of the plot. It would have been helpful to know more about it so that I could understand certain scenes better later on.
It was intriguing to see how the science fiction and fantasy elements were woven into the main storyline. They never overpowered the erotic moments, but they were never completely forgotten either. I enjoyed seeing such a seamless blend of all of these genres. This is the sort of tale I’d think about mentioning to someone who was a big fan of any one of them and who wanted to branch out and try something new.
The Haircut was a satisfying read that I’d recommend to anyone in the mood for something short and sultry.

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