Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review: 'The Greek’s Nine-Month Surprise' by Jennifer Faye


Had a stressful day? Had enough drama for a while? Then The Greek’s Nine-Month Surprise is the perfect book to kickback with and relax. This is a comfortable, sweet and well-told romance that is soothing and can make a reader happy because the HEA is so full of love.
I kept waiting for something harsh, sour or some other kind of manufactured conflict to heighten the tension but I never got it. This novel does have a conflict but it’s mostly internal, emotional and familial. There is passion between the two main characters of Niko and Sofia, but the author focused on their getting to know each other, and of Niko trying every way he could think of to seduce Sofia into saying ‘yes’ to marrying him. He has a few flops along the way. Niko’s got a lot to learn about being a well-rounded human being and I enjoyed Sofia teaching him in the only way she knew how – by being herself.
This is classic romance and quite entertaining. There were some dialogue gems sprinkled throughout that enhanced the story’s ability to grab my attention and keep it, and allowed me to connect with the hero and heroine.
I think the most poignant element was watching Niko discover his heritage, his family and how much his grandfather truly loved him. That was the strongest scene in the whole novel because it really tugged on my emotions.
The Greek’s Nine-Month Surprise is definitely worth a look. It has heart, it’s simple and it’s a pleasant, pleasing read. I’m happy I read it.

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