Saturday, March 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Good Little Teacher' by Gemma Snow

Headmaster Marcus Powers watches in on one of Emmy Lange’s classes. Emmy is a newly recruited English Lit professor and despite her rampant fantasies about Marcus, she’s determined to toe the line and retain her job. They have her first-month review over tea and coffee – can Emmy show Marcus just what a good little teacher she really is?
This is a fun short story. The young, new teacher seducing – and being seduced – by the commanding and powerful headmaster is certainly not a new plot, but I really enjoyed the interaction between Emily and Marcus. Readers looking for a quick, naughty and hot short story should definitely find this one delectable. I enjoyed the dirty talk between Marcus and Emily and the sex was blisteringly hot and certainly explicit. A part of me wished that there had been more time to explore Marcus’ character. This story was told from Emmy’s first-person point of view, so while Marcus’ attraction to Emmy was certainly clear and understandable, I didn’t get as good a feel for his character as hers. With such a short story, it is also of course very difficult to get a solid, good feel for what their relationship really is and how they would interact outside of the bedroom.
Sizzling hot and slightly kinky (calling Marcus “Sir” and a bit of light spanking) I believe this short story should appeal to many erotic romance readers. There is a definite Happy For Now ending and I would certainly read more about these characters in the future should another short story come along.

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