Saturday, March 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Going Off Grid' by S.J.D. Peterson

Clay and Elliott had been together for seven years and both working themselves extremely hard. Saving every penny, their dream was to do up their cabin and retire in style while they were young enough to still enjoy it. When the oil business went downhill fast their decision was forced onto Clay and Elliott a little early. But by going off grid – no power or cable bills – they could possibly make it work. Can they both survive going off grid and making their dream a reality?
This is an interesting and character-driven story. I really liked the concept of two six-figure-earning men upping their roots and going off grid into a cabin in the woods. Clay and Elliott were both completely normal men in a solid and stable long-term relationship, but I still found the direction they wanted their life to go in quite interesting. Nowadays I’ve noticed there are a lot of people interested in sustainable living and taking care of their own needs, so seeing these two high-powered men ready to do the same thing was quite interesting to me.
I also really appreciated how while there’s certainly a bit of polish to the story (Clay and Elliott managed to fix up the old log cabin fairly quickly and easily and the bigger-ticket items such as solar panels, connecting water lines etc all went rather smoothly and with minimal fuss) at no stage did I feel like there was an unrealistic sense to the story. While it all went smoothly, the gents *did* have to do upkeep and renovations, make preparations and outlay a fair chunk of their hard earned money. They didn’t simply wander out there into the middle of the woods with a car-load of gear and jump right in; they thought about it and planned it out. So while not gritty or in any way difficult, neither did it feel like the whole move was simply glossed over. I found this a good balance and I have to admit, I would have absolutely liked the story less had there been disaster after disaster – I enjoyed watching Clay and Elliott make their dream a reality and I loved to watch them both get to live and relish it.
Readers who like a plot-heavy or conflict-driven story might not find this as good a story as I did. While there’s some smoking hot sex scenes – the plot really does revolve around Clay and Elliott updating and upgrading their small cabin and making it liveable and the work they put into building and deepening their relationship. Having worked opposing shifts for many years and barely spending more than a handful of days together at a time they each knew they needed to invest plenty of time and energy into their relationship and this change of life pace was exactly what they both wanted deep down.
Personally, I loved watching the cabin and their relationship flourish under their time and care and found this a great book I will happily reread many times in the future.

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