Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Fury On Fire' by Sophie Jordan

There’s goes the neighborhood.
North and Faith, two very different people and yet they actually have more in common than just the wall between their apartments. It’ll take Faith living up to her name and North embracing the hero he didn’t think he could be for these two opposites to attract.
Faith is a sweet, intelligent and sexy woman who has just moved to her new apartment. That is how this starts. In my country, when we see new neighbors we greet them and chat and get to know them. Here, every step Faith took towards being neighborly went haywire or were flat out rejected. I got the impression that North was trying to push her away for her own good but lucky for him, Faith didn’t scare away so easily.
North is a protector…stuck between a haunting past and a possible future. He knows there isn’t a lot of chance of him getting any kind of future with Faith but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming even if it may end in his heart getting broken.
There are several mini plots going on in this book but the one this I would have liked to have seen more is the relationship development between Faith and North. They have great chemistry and I was cheering for them, I simply would have liked to have seen more of their growth together.
Love, action and romance. One of the things I appreciated about this book is that it is stand alone. I didn’t need to have read the first couple of books to understand this one.
Overall, I found Ms. Jordan’s characters to be interesting and the story was sexy and exciting.

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