Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Frisked in Fondant' by Nikki Duncan


Kyle is a detective working on a recent string of home robberies. He’s nervous because the intensity of the attacks and the frequency are both increasing at a rapid rate. And then Gisella’s place is the most recent crime scene. Gisella who had a sparkle in her eye and a deliciously sassy mouth. Gisella, whom Kyle hasn’t been able to stop thinking of since they were both part of their mutual friends’ wedding party.
I was both impressed by Gisella’s courage in not telling the robbers where her best jewelry was, but also slightly skeptical. I couldn’t decide if it was very realistic that after being beaten, robbed and cut on the neck with a knife if someone (anyone) would still refuse to hand over their possessions. On the one hand it showed an incredible strength of will and character, on the other a somewhat risky and uncaring attitude to Gisella’s own safety. If nothing else this certainly drew me into the story and had me really thinking about it, pondering and weighing everything – and being able to do that within the first chapter is an addictive hook many authors find difficult to achieve. I couldn’t put the book down after this even if I’d wanted to – and that is some of the highest praise I can give as a reader.
There were a few small points where reality and common sense were over-ruled – things like Kyle not assigning other detectives to Gisella’s case when it became clear they had a more than friendly acquaintance, and Kyle’s own dad being his Captain in the police department. Despite these things I didn’t feel they drew me too far out of the story. I was intrigued enough by the robbers, and curious enough about how Kyle and Gisella were going to come together to happily and easily be able to disengage my brain, sit back and just enjoy the ride. Seeing the story and plot through – and determined to read about Kyle and Gisella getting their happy ending – was far more important than quibbling about small, “real life” things that logic dictated.
I found this to be an interesting, well paced story with some fun characters and a really solid, meaty plot. I felt almost immediately drawn to both Kyle and Gisella, and despite a few small bumps found that my curiosity about what happened next and how things would pan out was far stronger and deeper than any need for realism. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the very strong secondary characters who I imagine have their own linked stories and found this to be a well-rounded book and an excellent story to lose myself in for a short time. The chemistry between Kyle and Gisella was lovely and their sex scenes were tastefully written with plenty of foreplay and nothing I found too explicit or offensive. I feel readers who like their romance steamy but not erotic or overly detailed should be very satisfied with this.
A good story – I enjoyed this.

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