Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Food Lust' by J.D. Lexx


Chef Marco Adriano’s books and TV show are as famous as the man himself. They’re also a lush, sensual delight Jessica religiously enjoys. But there’s something far more edible than food that she’s really hungering after.
I enjoyed this story, though found the beginning a little difficult to follow. The first scene opens up and with all the double-talk and metaphors I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. Then the next chapter goes back into the past to explain how Jessica got to where we opened – and there was no “three months earlier” or other explanation that we’d gone back in the past. By the time the story ended though, everything had slotted into place and made sense – but it was a little difficult feeling completely lost through most of the first half of the book. If the opening had been a little clearer (I enjoyed the funny-double entendre style of writing but it did make things puzzling as a beginning) and if there had been an indication at the chapter start that we’d gone back in time – though the snappy chapter subtitles were quite fun – I would have followed along much easier I think and enjoyed myself far more.
Once I caught up though, I found this a lighthearted, fun read. The chemistry between Marco and Jessica is sizzling hot and lots of fun. The sex is intense but full of descriptions that could be taken many ways – allowing the readers to almost decide just how much and how far the whole thing goes, which I found an interesting and unique way of describing sex scenes between the hero and heroine.
People who enjoy plenty of saucy talk and passion in the kitchen should find this an entertaining read. Marco and Jessica are fun, interesting characters and they certainly both have a widely varied taste in food and sex. This is short enough to read on the go, but delicious enough to satisfy even the deepest cravings.

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