Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Flushed' by Susan Laine


Rupert has a love/hate relationship with his older brother Emery. When Rupert’s toilet needs fixing, he tries to fix it himself, but is nothing close to a handy man and ends up making a bad situation worse. Finally – determined to lie about it to his brother – he admits defeat and does what Emery first suggested and calls a plumber. Paul is nothing like Rupert expected. Delicious muscles and a sexy ass – Rupert struggled to focus on Paul’s words and not just lick him all over. Paul has noticed Rupert too. Shy and attentive, Rupert awakens a deep hunger in Paul. Can a simple call-out job lead to something more?
I found this to be a fun and erotic short story. I loved the instant chemistry between Paul and Rupert and thought when they finally came together it was sensual and satisfying. The pace was fast – there is very little time between Paul and Rupert meeting and them having sex – but the chemistry and being shown both their points of view made it easier for me to believe in their instant attractions. Readers who don’t like “head hopping” might not enjoy the swapping from Rupert to Paul between chapters but I personally found the flow of the story kept moving well and it was easy to follow. I also appreciated seeing things from both men’s thoughts, as it helped solidify their attraction to me in a quick manner.
My only real complaint was that much of the first chapter was spent with Rupert extolling how different he was from his brother – negatively putting himself down next to his “God-like Olympic champion” older brother – and going over a little repetitively how he never measured up. While I understood the need for some background, a whole chapter along this thread felt a little like padding to me. I felt that much of this chapter could have been pared back. Considering the start of any book is so critical to hook the reader and have them salivating for the next page and the one after that, it seemed like a very odd – and not very appealing to me, personally – way to start the story. Once Rupert called Paul and the chemistry sizzled between them I happily got on board and thoroughly enjoyed the ride, but it really did have a rocky start for me in the place where most readers will find critical to getting hooked into the story.
With a whole bunch of secondary characters – Paul is one of six children – there’s plenty of interesting interactions outside the main romance of Rupert and Paul. I found this to be a fun, mostly lighthearted romance with some hot sex and a lot of laughter. A great, quick read.

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