Thursday, March 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Finding Rose Rocks' by Karen Ginther Graham


Life transition times are “the best of times and the worst of times.”
Jennifer Ellis, in Finding Rose Rocks, is at one of these crossroads in her life. Divorced, with her son long-since out of the nest, and her business on solid footing, with a trustworthy manager, she can set her efforts toward fulfilling a dream of returning to her childhood home in California with the ocean, rolling hills and gentle climate that still calls to her OR she can she set her efforts toward “blooming where she was planted” year ago in Oklahoma, far from the ocean and where drought, cold cold and hot hot are a given.
Also, there’s Troy, who is firmly established, a man with deep roots in Oklahoma, with an attitude of “it’s my way or the road.” In California there’s Ben, a doctor with a commitment phobia, but a delight to be with, and he makes her feel like she can soar. Both are very secure financially. Both have a hint of bully about them. Which one does she love or does she want to cast her lot with either of them?
Added to Jennifer’s emotional struggle are a self-centered sister and a cantankerous mother with poor judgment. Both of them are hard on Jennifer’s self esteem.
One more little tidbit, the astrological signs for Jennifer, Troy, and Ben and how Jennifer sees how her life would blend with each of the men was attention-getting and thought provoking.
Karen Ginther Graham, with smooth flowing writing, takes the reader on a captivating, vicarious emotional journey—good women’s fiction.

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