Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Emotional Rescue' by Lily Vega

I’m always on the hunt for a good gargoyle romance and this pint-sized tale delivered a cute one. I liked the premise and the delivery and I’m thinking this might be the start to a very interesting series. If it goes on as it’s started, then I think readers will be in for a treat.
The basic premise is about a man named Alistair who is half man and half gargoyle. His lifestyle comes with challenges and sadness. Until he took the job of gardener, he didn’t have much happiness in his life at all. There’s a secondary character that refuses to even give him donuts. How cruel can a person be? Isn’t being cursed enough? What harm can a little sweetness do, right? Fortunately, a different kind of sweetness comes in the form of the heroine, Kendra.
I liked Kendra because she’s a dedicated worker, really likes Alistair and when the worst case scenario happens, somehow she instinctively knew he wasn’t as she was led to believe. I have to be ambiguous here because this scene where perceptions are corrected and revealed is a huge turning point in the story. Let’s just say is begins and ends with some sexy times until the door opens and the truth comes to light. In no way did I expect the chain of events to end up where they did. I was pleasantly surprised.
The tale moves quickly due to its shortness in length so a reader might feel short changed in development, depth of character or have a hard time believing in their expertise in handling fancy tech and stealth maneuvers for people who have no training as warriors, on any level. Yet, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the overall tale because it was fun, Alistair and Kendra were likable and I thought they were perfect for each other. Their dialogue entertained me and the resolution is filled with hope and promise. The ending is a kind of happy ever after. I mean, it’s sweet, succinct and alludes to an exciting potential future. The one thing this short story did is whet my appetite for more. I consider that a win.
Emotional Rescue is very aptly titled. It’s a short-shot of fun and romance with a nugget of adventure to tickle a reader’s imagination. I am glad I read this little book and think it’s a perfect afternoon indulgence.

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