Monday, March 19, 2018

Book Review: 'The Doctor’s Baby Secret' by Scarlet Wilson


Sometimes we are our own worst enemy because we place a yoke of expectations heavily upon our shoulders without examining the cost. It’s even worse when you try to live up to someone else’s expectations of you while not realizing it. The cost for that could be even higher. What happens when you figure it out? What do you do? Those questions and more provide the perfect internal conflict for the hero, Austin Mitchell.
For the heroine, Corrine, she needs to be in control because it makes her feel safe. Why would someone go to such lengths to insure that control? How is she going to react when someone has a knack for making her lose the very thing she holds dear? Because Austin pushes every button she has and she’s trying to resist him.
Both Austin and Corrine have some pretty convincing internal conflicts to overcome. Also, a reader is taken on an in depth exploration of the challenges to becoming an astronaut. The trials and tribulations are daunting. Those that make it have earned it, with interest. The author even throws in some external calamities that show readers the strengths and weaknesses of the main characters. Those crises were short in duration but effective.
I realize that Austin is hard on himself. He pushes his limits and has to ace everything, and I do mean everything, in order to make the program. I guess that is what bothers me about this story – he’s too perfect. He never slips up. He’s so confident and savvy consistently that I had a hard time believing in his perfection. Does that make sense? It took a while for the author to bring up something that made him seem more approachable and believable. It works for the most part but I would have enjoyed a bigger tug on my emotions by his character.
The one thing I totally enjoyed was their blossoming romance and how they really were good together. I liked how they brought out the best in each other, of course that’s after they figure out that they ARE better together than apart.
The Doctor’s Baby Secret has a satisfying happy ending and the novel was entertaining. I liked that they found a dream they could pursue together while being true to themselves. This is a nice story and worth checking out.

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