Friday, March 16, 2018

Book Review: 'Darling Doc' by Raven McAllan

Sandy is an extremely busy doctor who hasn’t had a Sir in far too long. While her sex life might be lacking the rest of her world was moving well – until Alistair walked into her office. They’re attracted to each other from the moment they lay eyes on each other, but can they start something deeper than a quick shag?
Set in Edinburgh I really enjoyed this short story and loved the British slang and different turn of phrase. I also appreciated how despite the short length of the story the author tried to not fall into the trap of having Sandy and Alistair lock eyes and immediately jump into bed. Their first meeting was funny, short and super fresh – to my mind at least – and stands out to me as an excellent and different meeting. I was also pleased (though privately skeptical) that Alistair was adamant that they didn’t immediately have sex but get to know each other a little first. While I’m doubtful about the realism of this, I again found this fresh and different enough that it captured my attention and kept me glued to reading each page quickly.
Fun and sexy with just a nice hint of kink I didn’t feel the BDSM overwhelmed the storyline. Had I picked this story up wanting a deliciously hot and kinky BDSM relationship I likely would have been left disappointed. While Alistair and Sandy do dabble I found it quite light – only one scene of sensation play and a light spanking scene. For a romantic and sensual story with a hint of kink this was great, but as a BDSM-style relationship story this could be somewhat lacking to some readers.
I found this to be a happy and fun, quick read, and it’s mostly realistic, frank manner of describing sex and the rushed, modern type of world we live in had me laughing aloud in places. I enjoyed how the author didn’t shy away from talking about gushing orgasms or the ickiness of rolling over in the morning into the wet-patch on the sheets. Graphic and sensual this isn’t the kind of story that I think will appeal to readers who prefer their romance soft, sweet or wrapped up in a pretty bow. Personally I found the blunt talk real, relatable and quite reflective of the life of a modern woman.

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