Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Dark Deliverance' by Tamela Miles


For the past five years Elle Connor has been a preschool teacher by day and a demon hunter by night. Tagas pairs Elle with Patrick Holt to investigate the evil that has come to the city leaving mutilated young women.
This book offers good writing style in a entertaining format. It has a hint of action with a lot of romance. Elle and Patrick were put together to track and destroy a demon that could be Pyro. The story fell short on action and hunting demons but spent much time on the attraction between Elle and Patrick. The action and fight scene with the demon was very brief. The book spent more time discussing Elle and Patrick’s growing attraction to one another. I didn’t like how the story changed so quick from fighting and staking out the demon to sex and having a romantic relationship.
This was a quick read, not wordy, and it tells enough details and description to build a story that a reader can easily follow along. The characters were likable and both strong. Even though they live as humans they are willing to fight for a cause. Elle has a kind soft side to be a preschool teacher but then is able to handle her own when needed to fight demons. Patrick is set on not being a part of the war in fighting demons. He has his music career that he enjoys but he also is able to hold his own when up against a demon.
Dark Deliverance didn’t really deliver much action, but focused on the romantic connection between Elle and Patrick. I hope that this installment of the series was just setting up the relationship and that the next book will deliver more action and hunting.
If you enjoy a quick well written read that includes a fast paced paranormal relationship this is a story that you may want to add to your reading list.

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