Saturday, March 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Dare Me' by Debra Druzy


Misty works in the wedding business and is at a publicity event when the photographer catches her eye – her high-school crush, Adam. Adam can hardly believe his luck that his fantasy-woman from high school is at the huge wedding function and seemingly unattached. He’s not going to let this perfect opportunity pass him by. Not this time.
This is a sexy, fun, lighthearted romance. I found myself laughing aloud at many of the double entendres. I liked how Adam in particular made his intentions clear right from the start – that he felt he’d let Misty slip away in high school and had no intention of doing the same thing this time around. Misty, in contrast, seemed to doubt herself a lot and that was a little disappointing to me. While I loved her raunchy, sexy thoughts, she didn’t initially have the self-confidence to either speak the thoughts aloud, nor take the initiative in their physical relationship. This is a change from many of the more modern romance heroines – who usually know exactly what they want and own their sexuality. I felt this made Misty come across as both more realistic but also not as strong as I usually enjoy characters to be.
The sex scene is deliciously descriptive and quite intense. I was grateful we’d been given a good and – to my mind at least – clear understanding of Adam’s character. His intentions were good and he truly loved Misty. Without this knowledge some of his actions might have seemed slightly over the top – but I think after all the champagne Misty drank and Adam’s deep love of all things photography his actions balance out for the better. While there’s plenty of naughty thoughts flying around and some seriously steamy sex, the romance and emotional connection between Adam and Misty seemed real and solid to me.
I found this to be an enjoyable, fun and sexy Valentine’s Day story, one that was lovely to read. I’ll happily read more books by this author.

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