Friday, March 30, 2018

Book Review: 'Cuffed' by Kait Gamble

Can cyber distance and some heated debate actually make the heart grow fonder? Yes, yes it can.
The premise drew me in first. Having a teenager who is affluent in all things YouTubers made me curious about the cyber world they occupy and what happens when people who normally only interact online, meet in real life. This was a fun little story to read, long enough to be satisfying and short enough to finish in a setting, kind of like a vlog episode. Very clever.
I’ve been to a major romance readers con as well as a smaller venue comicon so I was pleased with the way the writer described the excitement in the air, the noise, the crowds and the cosplayers. Very realistic. And in the midst of all this organized chaos Jackson and Scarlett come to realize they have more than gaming in common and not just their shared distrust and dislike for fellow YouTuber, Rex the Hex.
Rex was actually an interesting character and he chose the perfect costume for the con, Loki, god of Mischief. I wondered about his true intent behind cuffing Jackson and Scarlett together. Hoping to see them fight seemed too easy or maybe just too unpredictable since they hadn’t had any real online fights for a while.
But then again, at the end of the day, even if he did have ill intent, the cuffs were a good ploy to force them, or maybe provide them the opportunity, to spend some close quarters time. I did have to wonder at how long the chain was between the cuffs for them to be pull off some of the moves they did.
Readers shouldn’t go into this short thinking they’re going to get lots of history or a guaranteed HEA. This is more of a happily-for-now with a good chance of an HEA later. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jackson and Scarlett in another story to see how they’re doing.
The story is good and, as I mentioned, the premise was unique and interesting. It’s what I would call a quickie that doesn’t require the reader to become invested in a long drawn out emotional ride. They both recognize their interest, as well as chemistry and they move on it. It ends rather abruptly without answering some questions but maybe the author does plan to carry this story on later or maybe we’re just supposed to make up our own minds about what happened next. Either way, it was nice way to spend time with a new author.
Only have a half hour or so and craving a juicy little short to fill it? Give Cuffed a try. Being attached at the hip never sounded so good.

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