Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book Review: 'Cold Feet Fever' by Maureen Fisher


Cold Feet Fever is the novel to choose for pure escapism and light reading.
The characters were well developed although very stereotypical. The romance between the hero, Sam and the heroine, Katie, worked well. I enjoyed watching Katie fight for what she believed in and watching Sam grow from a lazy, selfish, immature boy into a man worthy of Katie’s love. Sam’s grandfather was quite humorous. Sam’s dog, Rex was comical. The criminal connections could have been more elaborated on as it would have made the conflict more serious and less silly.
This book was mostly enjoyable. While I wouldn’t consider it a waste of time, it certainly didn’t hook me to where I couldn’t put it down, which in some ways is a good thing when I have other things I need to do. I was able to get reabsorbed into the story each time I picked it back up. I had hoped to get more riveted as I progressed through the book but the plot was a bit too imaginative for me. I prefer things to be a bit more realistic and plausible. However, this farfetched plot had enough entertainment value to finish reading it.
Even though I had expected the secrets and crime to be more intense and real, the story flowed smoothly and provided me with both predictable and delightfully creative plot twists. The book ended with all the threads neatly knotted and with a happy closure.
Although this novel won’t go on my keeper shelf, I can think of a couple of friends that might enjoy this read. They prefer light conflicts and a strong sense of the silly and Cold Feet Fever delivers both. It would be right up their alley.

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