Thursday, March 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Client No. 6' by Cassandra Dee and Kendall Blake

Cassandra Dee doesn’t offer a biography, but from her output (over forty books to date) of erotica it appears she enjoys all manner of ‘group therapy’. Taking off on the Bad Boy Billionaires Cassandra offers a story that shows both the dangers – and the possible rewards of such seeking of partnerships. Kendall Blake joins Cassandra in this CLIENT NO. 6: A DIAL-A-DATE ROMANCE and she only offers no bio. Trust Cassandra – she appears to be a coach in assisting other writers getting started.

Internet dating continues to be the method du jour for hooking up and these ladies us that concept to show how it can and cannot work well. They open their book with an introduction to Jennie, a full figured female in need of male escort: ‘I look at myself in the mirror. Hmm. Not bad, especially considering that last year, I used to weigh a lot more. Not that it was so terrible. I’ve always liked myself, but now a few of the pounds have melted off and I’m … dare I say, cute? Maybe even beautiful if you squint into the mirror? Because I’m someone who’s always had a terrible relationship with food. Everything clich├ęd is true when it comes to me. How you shouldn’t equate eating with love. How you should turn your energy outwards and feel balanced so that you don’t feel hungry. But none of that has ever worked because after my dad left, my mom showered me with treats to fill in the emptiness. So there was candy. Brownies. Fudge apple pies (yes, they exist!). We even made peppermint bark together once a month even though most people only enjoy that stuff at Christmas. But not the Lake girls. Me and mom ate peppermint bark, not to mention candy canes and gingerbread cookies year round. By the time I was seventeen, it was hard to find any flattering clothes... Ah, high school. It was ten years ago but the memories are still fresh. Jennie Bong Bong was one of the names I was called, not to mention Ring-Ding, Ring-Dong, and Big Dong. The sad part is that the names don’t even make sense. I don’t have a dong, nor do I use bongs. But trust the mean girls to come up with nonsensical monikers that can make you cry. So I want to triumph next week at my reunion. I want to waltz into the hotel ballroom and show off my new shape with a sassy swing to my hips and a sparkle in my eye. I want to show them that there’s a new Jennie Lake in town, and make all those bitches twist with jealousy as their eyes go green. The only problem is a date.

And so we begin the story – ‘I never thought I’d turn to a male escort service. Then again, I never thought Jason Morgan would show up to service me! Jennie needs a date for her high school reunion. Ten years out, she wants to show the mean girls that she’s made it – career-wise, looks-wise, and most importantly, relationship-wise. One problem: There’s no boyfriend in sight. Not even close. Jason’s a former high school quarterback who works as a movie producer. He moonlights on the side meeting women while providing the “boyfriend experience.” Little does he know that his next client is the curvy girl from his past … who’s turned into a bombshell!’

For those who thrive on erotica this book is a feast. For those who have not read steamy novels…better to start with one a bit less ‘frank’. There are added attractions (more books) at the end of this fascinating tale. Grady Harp, March 18

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