Monday, March 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Cat O’Nine Tales' by Krystal Lawrence


The world is full of strange things that we’re only beginning to understand.
My favorite story by far was “As the Crow Flies.” Brianna, the main character, had just gotten out of an abusive relationship when she noticed that the crows she’d been feeding were beginning to do increasingly unexpected things. The character development for both Brianna and the birds she doted on was really good. I also enjoyed seeing how she reacted once she realized that her feathery friends understood far more about her predicament than she would have ever guessed.
There were a few tales that could have used some more polishing, and “The Perfect Crime” was one of them. It followed a man named Claude who had been planning his wife’s murder for years. He took the time to meticulously go through every detail before the night of her death. While I really enjoyed the premise, I knew exactly how it was going to end by the time I’d finished the first scene. The twist at the end was something that would have worked great in a much shorter format. Dragging it out didn’t make sense to this reader because of how easy it was to guess how it would end.
In “The Wife Next Door,” Kate’s friendship with Tom and Penny, her next-door neighbours, develops in an unusual way. She was a fascinating and complex character. What I enjoyed the most about Kate was how much time she spent holding back certain details of her life from the audience. There was a lot more going on with the plot than I would have originally guessed, and that made it a pleasure to read.
I’d recommend Cat O’Nine Tales to anyone who likes the dark side of science fiction.

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