Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Caribbean Cowboy' by Jenna Bayley-Burke


Janny might be bridesmaid to her best friend, but that doesn’t means he has to magically approve of the new man in her friend’s life. Escaping for some air, she meets Nik, and is sorely tempted to ditch the festivities for something far more interesting. Good sense, and loyalty to the bride, holds her back, but once duty is done Janny is more than ready to let off some steam with the handsome biker.
This is a wonderful, family-orientated story that I greatly enjoyed. Sexy and fun I couldn’t help chuckling a number of times throughout the book. The two families are huge and the author has done a wonderful job keeping all the characters as individuals and as the wedding is a major plot-point everyone has come together and there’s plenty of fun, frivolity and fireworks. I loved watching everyone clash and reunite, but central to it all Janny and Nik and the explosive chemistry they provide kept me fanning myself and eagerly turning the pages.
I was a little surprised at the hot role-play style sex scene Janny and Nik indulged in. Usually that sort of thing doesn’t work well for me but the author did an excellent job and I found it seriously steamy. I’m not sure it will be every reader’s cup of tea – Janny and Nik didn’t slip “out of character” much in their fantasy role-play so it would be quite easy for a reader to take their actions and discussions seriously. But personally I found it added to the spice of the story and I surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. There are plenty of plot twists – nothing is ever more complicated than family! – and I thought there was plenty of interesting turns to spice up the lovely story of Janny and Nik coming together.
A fun story with heaps of interesting characters and a great read I thoroughly enjoyed.

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