Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Caleb’s Tempting Mate' by R.E. Butler


This is a quick creampuff bite of a story for paranormal romance fans. Caleb and Lia are cute together and entertaining.
The author piled together many paranormal tropes in the telling of this tale: mating scent, true mates and quick mating rites. This short story also has references to previous characters’ tales but the author wrote this in such a way to be fully standalone so I was comfortable meeting Lia and Caleb. There are established ground rules to how relationships grow within the world building that Ms. Butler has created so I just accepted the speed as a natural course of events. The result of which was the hurtling into the meeting and claiming of each other as mates. It’s kind of cute, interesting and very toothy.
Not a lot of time is spent getting to know what makes the main characters tick or learning about their personalities. Ms. Butler gave just enough to grab a reader’s interest but not enough to truly engage with, or about, a character’s emotions, save for lust and passion. I don’t know if a deeper emotional connection is developed from reading about Lia’s other two brother’s stories or if this is the pattern, but as far as Caleb’s Tempting Mate is concerned, enough was shown for me to at least enjoy myself.
There is no dark drama, no suspense or battles – Caleb’s Tempting Mate is simply a short shot of romance with a little sex thrown in to keep things spicy and exciting. This tale is the perfect length for a reader who needs a fast-paced romantic paranormal romp to unwind after a rough day. It’s not deep but it is fun.

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