Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book Review: 'Buying His Bride' by Alison Ashlyn


The reader may not have been shown how smart Sierra Callahan really was, but was surely shown that she had “man issues” from a bad experience during her college years. I almost didn’t like her, yet wanted to see how her story turned out.
Sierra is beautiful, direct, and driven to help her mother make the family pub a success again, and supposedly smart. However, she seems to lack maturity and the ability to be honest with herself. Her temper flare-ups are used too often to cause the conflicts in the story, making it appear that she has little self control.
However, she and the wealthy, handsome Michael Donovan sign a contract that they muddle along with regardless of the conflicts.
Michael won this reader’s heart early on. He is intelligent, protective of his family, honest in his dealings, compassionate, charming, but to call him nice “is like calling a Bengal tiger a nice kitty.” He is sexy and a master at seduction. The chemistry he and Sierra have from the first meeting sets one to reading fast and turning pages to see what will happen next.
The character involved and the twists that help unravel the complexities of Sierra’s “man issues” is quite a surprise. Who would have believed such good advice could come from that character!
Buying His Bride is attention-keeping with sex scenes that sizzle, as Sierra and Michael find their way to true love and their happy-ever-after.

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